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Janam Test Tube Baby Kangra Centre: Transforming Lives through Compassionate Surrogacy Solutions

Surrogacy treatment Success rates at Janam
Test Tube Baby Kangra Centre

Janam Test Tube Baby Centre Kangra Centre provides customized surrogacy to suit parental wishes with an 80% success rate. Our skilled team, advanced facilities, and compassion make us a reliable surrogacy provider.

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Vill. & Post Office, Palampur Rd, near HP Petrol Pump, Ghurkari, Sunehr, Himachal Pradesh 176001

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What Precautions Need to Be Taken Before Opting for IVF Treatment?

A few precautions you should take before opting for IVF treatment are:

Why Choose Janam Test Tube Baby Kangra Centre

Here, discuss why to choose Janam Test Tube Baby Kangra Centre for surrogacy treatment in Kangra:
Known Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist Dr. Neeta Puri leads Janam Test Tube Baby Kangra Centre’s team of experts. Our team strives to provide excellent care and assistance.
Our Kangra facility uses cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to offer the newest assisted reproductive treatments, improving surrogacy outcomes.
Personalized and sensitive care for surrogacy patients’ emotional and psychological well-being is our priority. We are a top surrogacy treatment center due to our holistic approach.

Kangra Clinic Surrogacy Treatment Doctor’s introduction

The lead Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist at Janam Test Tube Baby Kangra Centre is Dr. Geeta Digra. Medical professionals and patients trust her because of her commitment to surrogacy success.


Infertile couples, repeat pregnancy loss, and medical conditions that prevent safe pregnancy may explore surrogacy.
Janam Test Tube Baby Kangra Centre has great success rates, giving surrogacy hopefuls hope and practical solutions.
Choosing a surrogacy treatment clinic depends on success rates, medical expertise, facility infrastructure, and patient assessments. Janam Fertility Kangra shines here.
Janam Test Tube Baby Centre is a prominent Kangra surrogacy treatment provider due to its tailored approach, innovative technology, skilled doctors, and high success rates.
Ideal surrogacy treatment centers depend on individual needs and preferences. Janam Fertility Kangra Centre is recommended for its reputation, expertise, and patient-centered care.

Cost of Surrogacy Treatment in Kangra

We recommend scheduling a consultation with Janam Test Tube Baby Kangra Centre for surrogacy cost information. Individualized help is available from our experts.

Surrogacy treatment success story of Kangra clinic

Janam Test Tube Baby Kangra Centre gave infertile Mr and Mrs. Sharma hope. They welcomed their child through surrogacy with Dr. Digra’s help, starting a beautiful chapter in their life.

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Janam Test Tube Baby Centre the surrogacy clinic in Kangra gives surrogate parents hope. We help couples and individuals achieve family goals with information, technology, and compassion.
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