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Infertility is a common issue amongst couples but unlike in the olden days, couples now have options like IVF to fulfill their dreams of birthing a healthy child. Visiting an IVF center in Jalandhar can open up doors to pregnancy even if you are facing infertility issues. IVF is a clinical process of fertilizing eggs and implanting those eggs in the woman’s uterus where it grows into a baby. IVF clinic in Jalandhar has specialists who have expertise in understanding the process as well as the emotional aspect of pregnancy through IVF. In the recent decade, there has been a huge growth in the number of couples coming into Reproductive Health Clinic to opt for IVF. Here’s everything you need to know about IVF.

Visit an IVF Clinic in Jalandhar for health

In Vitro Fertilization Center has been gaining popularity and becoming a reliable option for couples who are facing infertility issues. An IVF centre in Jalandhar not only provides IVF surgery but is also open for consultation to help choose a reliable option for pregnancy.

Ovarian Stimulation

The first step begins with treating ovulation. Ovulation is the process where the body naturally produces eggs. Your doctor will provide medicines for the quick production of eggs that can be evaluated for the fertilization process.


The longest step in the IVF process is fertilisation. The collected eggs and sperm are clinically fertilized to develop embryos that are then tested for medical fitness.

Egg Retrieval

Once medicines start working, there is an eventual increase in egg production opening a window for egg retrieval. In this stage, matured eggs are surgically retrieved from the ovary for clinical fertilization.

Fertilised Egg Transfer

Then comes the final stage where embryos are implanted back in the ovaries and your journey towards pregnancy starts.

Sperm Cell Retrieval

Even in IVF, matured eggs are fertilised using sperm for the male member of the couple. This is called sperm cell retrieval where sperm is collected either through natural ejaculation or clinically to fertilise eggs.

If you are visiting a leading infertility clinic like Janam Test Tube Clinic, then the average cost of IVF surgery will be around ₹90,000-₹2,50,000. The cost varies depending on the duration, medications required and other health conditions.

Tips for couples considering IVF

Let’s look at points that couples should consider while visiting an IVF center-
Always remember that IVF can be opted for by anyone facing issues including infertility and problems restricting healthy pregnancy that go beyond infertility. It’s no longer a taboo but rather a norm for couples.
IVF Treatment

Learn about IVF at an IVF Center in Jalandhar

A fertility centre is built around the idea of bringing the joy of birthing a child to every couple who wishes so. IVF was introduced in 1986 and with the passing years, it has turned into a great alternative for couples facing infertility or genetic problems.

In Vitro Fertilisation is a rather emotional process as much as it is a technical process making it important for you to wisely choose a clinic. At Janam Test Tube baby center, doctors are focused on creating a comfortable space for couples visiting where they could easily have an open discussion. Additionally, IVF includes clinical fertilisation of eggs that is done at the clinic carefully and with years of experience in the field, Janam Test Tube baby clinic has made a trustworthy name.

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Summing up
At an IVF centre in Jalandhar, you are treated with comfort and open discussions that help you decide your pregnancy journey freely. Visit your nearest IVF clinic in Jalandhar to treat infertility or genetic problems that are stopping you from the dream of birthing a child. A clinic like Janam Test Tube is open for consultation to make you understand the process better.
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IVF is a simple process that is carefully performed to lower the chances of pain. In most cases, the couple undergoes a bearable level of pain only.
IVF usually takes upto 2-3 weeks depending on the result of medicines for ovarian stimulation and clinical egg fertilisation process.
On average it costs around ₹90,000-₹2,50,000. The cost can vary depending on the couple’s health conditions and other medical conditions.