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Parenthood brings joy like no other and it surely comes as a true blessing. However, due to the reason of infertility, it gets hard for several couples to conceive. Today, there are options as IVF performed smoothly at an IVF centre in Srinagar, that bring joy to your lap. IVF involves medical treatment to help the mother develop eggs by fertilizing her eggs in the laboratory. At an IVF clinic in Srinagar, the process is smooth and they make sure that the couple understand each step for more trust and reliability. The process is designed to make the couple experience pregnancy as it is.

How an IVF clinic is helping couples

At a fertility centre, professionals are involved with different types of fertility issues like IVF or Surrogacy. With IVF, there has been a growth in the number of couples visiting the In Vitro Fertilisation Center as it deals with various aspects that make it hard or impossible to conceive naturally. Let’s look at ways in which an IVF centre in Srinagar like Jama Test Tube Baby is bringing a change and helping couples fulfill their dreams-

Ovulation Problems

You must already know that ovulation is a natural process in a woman’s body that is responsible for growing eggs. Visiting the clinic can help you track reasons behind ovulation problems and help you with the right medicine to enhance the chances of a smooth pregnancy.

Sperm Problems

Fertility is not a woman-exclusive concept. Couples facing infertility problems can visit the clinic and get tested for sperm immobility.

Fallopian Tube Problems

One of the leading reasons for infertility in a woman is because of the chance of a damaged or blocked fallopian tube. The fallopian tube is responsible for transferring eggs from the uterus to the ovary which is then responsible for the maturation of eggs. A blockage/damage hampers the growth of eggs. Once you visit the clinic, you are assured of a reliable solution.

You can visit an IVF Center in Srinagar to experience the best IVF services at the hands of skilled doctors who will guide you through every step. Additionally, at an IVF clinic in Srinagar, you are free to discuss all symptoms and conditions in a comfortable space.

How is IVF performed?

The Reproductive Health Clinic developed to specially perform In Vitro Fertilisation is designed to make the procedure comfortable and painless for couples. If you are visiting an IVF Center in Jammu like the Janam IVF centre, you can expect a space where all problems are discussed openly and the process is transparent. Let’s get you familiar with what the overall process includes if you opt for IVF-
The process of fertilization usually takes 3 weeks but it can vary depending on the couple’s symptoms and patterns. Get in touch with experts at the IVF centre in Kangra for further details.

IVF Clinic In Srinagar- The procedure and cost

If you have made up your mind to visit an IVF Center in Srinagar, then here’s a little guide for you to get a heads-up on the procedure and cost.

Cost:- The cost of IVF at an IVF clinic in Srinagar depends on various factors including the duration it takes, condition and symptoms of the couple. However, you can expect the total amount to be anywhere between ₹90,000-₹2,50,000. Depending on the condition, the cost may vary but at a reliable center like Janam Test Tube Center, you are assured a comfortable and painless experience.
IVF Treatment

IVF Center in Srinagar- A step closer to having a perfect family

If you are wondering what exactly is IVF then here’s a little guide for your better understanding-

IVF is a process that involves the couple’s gametes that are fertilised outside of their body in a laboratory. Here, the mother is provided with medical pills that help her develop eggs in the ovary. Once these eggs are developed they are collected to clinically fertilise them and implant them back in the body for the fertilised egg to grow into a healthy baby.

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Final Thoughts
In Vitro Fertilisation serves as a saviour for couples these days. All thanks to the advancements done in medical science that help couples who are infertile or have other genetic disorders also experience the happiness of parenthood. You can visit an IVF centre in Srinagar for consultation and decide. The best part about an IVF clinic in Srinagar is their highly qualified professionals who understand the emotional angle of pregnancy as well.
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The cost of IVF depends on various factors and can change for every couple. On average, it can cost anywhere between ₹90,000-₹2,50,000.
No. If you are in the hands of a skilled professional, the IVF process implicit bearable pain.
Yes, IVF simply helps with fertilising the eggs. These eggs mature and grow into a baby in the mother’s baby giving ample time for the emotional connection to grow.