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Looking for the best surrogacy centre in India to fulfill your dream of parenthood? You have come to the right place. Janam Test Tube Baby Centre helps you realize your dream of becoming happy parents with the help of surrogacy. We are known for expert care and support with a personalized approach for aspiring parents.

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Types of Surrogacy

Our fertility clinic for surrogacy offers both gestational and traditional surrogacy:

This involves a third-party reproduction process. In this process, another woman agrees to be pregnant. This involves providing a host uterus where the sperm and egg from the couple are fertilized outside the body. Then, it is placed inside the uterus of the third woman. In this case, the woman does not provide any genetic material to the baby.

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate provides both an egg and her uterus. In this case, the biological mother of the baby provides the genetic material. The method uses the eggs of the surrogate, and thus, she will be the biological mother.

Advantages of surrogacy treatment

Surrogacy can offer several advantages.

Surrogacy in India is legal and we will complete the process without any hassle. You can opt for gestational or traditional surrogacy depending on the medical conditions of the mother-to-be.

Why choose us as the best surrogacy clinic in India?

Well, we have multiple reasons to explain why we are the best:

Tools & process for the best surrogacy treatment

We use the best tools and processes to ensure that the entire surrogacy process moves at a comfortable pace. We opt for innovative techniques and technologies to help you become proud parents.

Our team is committed to using the best resources available to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to surrogacy.