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Achieve Your Dream Family: Expert Hysteroscopy Treatment in Srinagar

Who Should Look For A Hysteroscopy Treatment
Center in Srinagar?

Hysteroscopy treatment in Srinagar is a good option in the following cases –

Heavy and irregular uterine bleeding

Benign growths inside the uterine wall

Scar tissues within the uterine cavity

Unexplained infertility

Uterine polyps

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What Precautions Need to Be Taken Before Opting for IVF Treatment?

A few precautions you should take before opting for IVF treatment are:

How to Select the Best IVF Treatment Centre?

To select the best IVF clinic in Kangra, check out the following criteria:
All these qualities you can get at Janam Test Tube Baby Centre. We have achieved an 80% success rate in helping couples to become parents. Besides, we offer plenty of treatment options such as egg and/or Sperm Donation, IUI, IVF, ICSI, Egg freezing, vitrification, etc., as per your physical requirements.

Best In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in
Kangra that We Offer

We offer different treatment options.



Embryo Freezing


Donor programs

Our Doctors

Our doctors, led by professional Dr. Geeta Digra, offer you an outstanding degree of service in multiple areas of infertility. They will suggest the best treatment that suits your specific requirements.

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Do not wait to go in despair with your infertility issues because Janam Test Tube Baby Centre IVF clinic in Kangra is here to fulfill your dream with compassionate care. Get in touch with us to get the best IVF treatment cost in Kangra. Call for a consultation now!
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Janam Test Tube Baby Centre differs from other IVF hospitals in Kangra because we use the latest equipment and techniques for IVF and other infertility treatments. Besides, we have a greater success rate and experience than others in the neighborhood.
Janam Test Tube Baby Centre can be the top choice in Kangra because we have been the best in infertility treatment for 20 years. Also, we have 2000+ happy patients who can speak for our reputation.