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Welcome to Janam Test Tube Baby Centre

Janam Test Tube Baby centre is the new ray of hope for couples dealing with fertility problems as Janam Test Tube Baby centre provide advanced treatment to help fulfill hopes, desires and dreams of childless couples throughout the country. The fertility centre was established by Dr Geeta Digra who is an authority in treatment of infertility. We have a leading team of IVF Specialists, Embryologists, Gynecologists and professionals with par excellencey. 

Janam test tube baby centre is a one stop destination

For those who require any type of solution for infertility under one roof. The team is efficient and knowledgeable and conducts counseling and consultations through comprehensive investigations, medicines or USG’s. You can find all the latest machines and technical instruments in the hospital which help in providing enhanced treatment related to IVF, IUI, ICSI & Surrogacy. It is Located at 320, Lajpat Nagar, Mahavir Marg, near Ambedkar Chowk, Jalandhar city. Janam Test Tube Baby Centre has branches at Jammu, Srinagar & Kangra(H.P.) It has experienced staff and doctors and is one of the best TEST TUBE BABY CENTRE in Punjab. At Janam personal attention is provided to every patient at each stage of their treatment and is dedicated to treat complicated cases with utmost care and attention. At Janam we have special expertise in failure cases of other hospitals. There are several patients who have benefited through our treatment and are leading a happy life with their little ones. We aim at providing efficient services to all the distressed couples who have lost hope of having children.

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